Lead Generation & Nurturing

Content Marketing

healthcare content development

Dodge’s integrated capabilities enable us to recommend and develop content—such as white papers, case studies, infographics and webinar presentations—that elevate brands and fill sales pipelines.


Campaign Development

Healthcare direct marketing

An effective content marketing campaign leverages marketing, PR and digital components. Since Dodge is adept in all of these areas, we can create powerful, cohesive campaigns that are easy to track and measure.

Whether it’s a short-term push or long-term drip campaign, Dodge handles every step in creating and deploying campaigns in your marketing automation tool, using advanced strategies and techniques to maximize success.

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Marketing Automation

healthcare marketing automation

Our marketing automation system keeps prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle with forecasting tools, conversion strategies and analytics to align sales and marketing initiatives.


Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.


organic search optimization

Hey you! Yeah, you. Hmm, doesn’t feel too personal, but that’s the approach taken by much of marketing.

At Dodge, we track prospect behavior and engagement to determine pain points and see what collateral is being searched for solutions. Using these insights, we personalize content so that prospects see themselves in the story and feel inspired to complete the call-to-action.

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System Setup

healthcare lead nurturing

Give Dodge six weeks and we’ll deliver a highly-customized marketing automation system tailored to your needs. Whether you take the reins at that point or let Dodge do the heavy lifting is up to you.

From integrating the marketing automation system with your website and CRM system to assessing collateral assets to providing a data cleanup roadmap, Dodge can do it all.

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Training & support

Training and support

Remember learning to drive? There was probably some yelling involved.

We promise that learning to drive your new marketing automation system will be a much more pleasant experience. Dodge uses hands-on, personalized tutorials tailored to your needs and skill level. Whether novice or expert, team of one or a party bus of marketers, get the support you need through our advanced expertise, industry best practices and analytics.

Learn about all of our marketing automation capabilities.