Marketing & Branding


healthcare strategic planning

Dodge prides itself on the ability to develop strategic plans that are succinct, thorough and measurable.

Whether as focused as a timeline for a direct marketing campaign or as broad as a plan for an integrated product launch, Dodge knows how to get the job done on time and on budget.

Read proactive planning tips to ensure your next campaign is ready for anything.


Corporate Messaging

healthcare corporate messaging

Developing solid messages upfront saves clients valuable time and money when executing marketing and PR tactics down the road.

At the outset of each engagement, Dodge develops a value proposition that differentiates clients from the competition as well as taglines, elevator pitches, boilerplates and supporting product messages that are clear and concise.

Read this ACS case study to learn how Dodge begins with a strong messaging foundation to support PR campaigns.


Market Research

healthcare market research

Understanding the market's purchasing habits and motivations is a critical first step to developing products and services that buyers actually want.

Dodge and its partners give clients a window into the minds of prospective buyers though qualitative and quantitative research solutions, including brand awareness, competitive research, product positioning and key opinion leader studies.



healthcare webinars

Timely, relevant webinars offer a way to engage prospects, build thought leadership and generate well-qualified leads. Dodge can manage the entire program, from sourcing to content development, from promotion to follow-up—creating an effective, integrated campaign.

Let us show you how it works – read a case study on developing successful webinars for thought leadership and lead generation purposes.



healthcare identity development

What’s in a name? A logo? If it’s done right, better brand recognition, a well-defined corporate persona and easier selling. Dodge offers a full range of corporate and product naming services, logo and identity development, style guides and integration strategies to help you build a powerhouse brand.

Learn why CMR tapped Dodge to update its image, increase its brand awareness, define its message and offerings, and help expand the company’s reach into the Midwest.


Direct Marketing

Healthcare direct marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most effective vehicles for measuring return on investment when compared to other marketing tactics.

With Dodge's expertise at executing targeted, incentive-based, multiple-touch campaigns, clients benefit from comprehensive direct marketing development that includes strategy, concept, design, copywriting, list procurement, printing, fulfillment and project management.

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healthcare sales collateral

Beyond describing what a company does and for whom, sales and marketing collateral should also convey a brand emotion, differentiate the company from competitors and establish credibility.

Dodge helps clients determine the approach that works best for their unique situation and manages every detail of every piece.


Product Positioning

healthcare product positioning

Effective positioning not only requires solid market and competitive research but also the ability to transform complex product messages into ones that are simple and sustainable.

Dodge calls on its many years of experience to build product positioning strategies that are in the best interest of clients. Dodge Communications exists to bridge the communications gap between the technology buyer and the technology seller.

Hear from Brad Dodge, president and CEO, on the need for an integrated communications strategy to decomplexify technology messages for easier understanding by the buyer.



Dodge's advertising programs zero-in on a messaging nugget that engages audiences in a high-impact, creative way across a variety of print and online venues.

With distinctive copy and a solid call-to-action, our advertising campaigns both stand out from the competition and reinforce the desired brand position.

View the video on the importance of brand consistency.


81% of tradeshow attendees have buying authority

Exhibit Design

healthcare exhibit design

Hundreds of vendors compete for a buyer's attention every day, and trade shows are no exception. Dodge helps companies be seen and heard.

By taking advantage of this rare opportunity to engage prospects face-to-face, we ensure companies get noticed for all the right reasons, from designing show-stopping exhibits to formulating strategies for driving more booth traffic.


Visual Communications

healthcare multimedia presentations

Dodge's multimedia presentations give audiences a clear picture of exactly what a solution does and how it will make their lives easier.

Whether an in-depth product demonstration or a Flash or jQuery presentation for a website, we begin by developing a powerful script and then add imagery to bolster the message.

Find out some tips for integrating video into your healthcare marketing strategy.