Public Relations & Social Media

PR Content

healthcare article writing

Dodge creates PR content that propels sales, partnering and outreach efforts, and which will receive maximum exposure.

From identifying article opportunities, to writing unbiased articles, to developing white papers that build thought leadership, Dodge has the continuum of public relations content covered. And at every step, through every word of content, building brand awareness and supporting sales remains at the forefront.


Media Training

healthcare media training

Communicate more effectively with the media, advance key messages and garner positive results with Dodge's media training services.

We teach techniques for determining how familiar the interviewer is with the topic so spokespeople can communicate at the appropriate level, make messages resonate and distinguish between what to say and what not to say.


Social Media

Business communications is in the midst of a radical transformation — from self-publishing on blogs to instant communication on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Dodge leverages social media to help clients build business by developing a solid strategy, managing ongoing execution and staying ahead of this rapidly changing phenomenon.


Thought Leadership

healthcare thought leadership

Thought leadership is not established through a single activity, but rather through a series of integrated public relations and marketing tactics.

Dodge takes the necessary steps to ensure its clients are regarded as leaders in their respective market segments both now and in the future. Learn how Dodge helps companies establish themselves as thought leaders.

View a video on Dodge's thought leadership efforts. 


Speakers Bureau

healthcare speakers bureau

Presenting to industry leaders, influencers and decision makers is a great way to strengthen a corporate brand while also generating new leads.

But finding solid speaking engagements that aren’t pay-for-play sponsorships can be a challenge. Dodge knows how to uncover these valuable opportunities and streamlines the entire process.

Learn how Dodge helps companies establish themselves as thought leaders.


Social Media Execution

social media execution

Too often social media do-it-yourselfers find themselves falling into the giant gap between strategy and execution. Best intentions are sidelined by daily crises, and social media becomes a sporadic effort that isn’t particularly effective.

Dodge integrates social media with traditional PR and marketing tactics, executing on behalf of clients to extend reach, enhance credibility and generate product demand.

Learn how a solid social media execution can lead to a strengthened thought leadership position.


83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business

Media & Analyst Relations

healthcare analyst relations

Editors and healthcare analysts share certain commonalities, including being besieged with companies that want their attention. And both of them trust Dodge to bring them best-of-breed healthcare IT companies.

Using an in-depth understanding of what these key influencers want, Dodge can tailor information to meet their specific criteria and maximize results.

Learn why a solid media relations foundation is crucial from Dodge’s Executive Vice President Brian Parrish.


Awards Bureau

healthcare awards bureau

For early stage companies and established brands alike, awards represent an instant way to establish credibility in the buyer's eye.

Dodge handles the entire process, from identifying the best opportunities, tracking the requirements and managing the deadlines to developing applications that highlight client successes in the best possible way.

We love when our client's win. Find out about some of our client's recent campaign awards.




Healthcare’s ever-changing landscape may create headaches for organizations, but it provides excellent fodder for blogs. A blog represents an opportunity to build both brand identity and thought leadership with prospects, clients, partners, journalists and analysts.

Dodge works with clients to establish a corporate or industry blog, devise an effective strategy, provide content and solicit material from internal sources.

Read best practices on how to develop and maintain a successful blog presence.