Strategy & Content

Content Strategy

content strategy

Dodge collaborates with clients to create content strategies that advance leads through the sales funnel, determines which messages will resonate with key target audiences and identifies the best distribution channels for maximum exposure to those audiences.

Using a multi-touch strategy, Dodge ensures prospects are being nurtured with customized, information-rich messages. The use of integrated analytics tracks effectiveness and allows for adjustments that increase effectiveness.


PR Content

healthcare whitepapers

Crafting content that propels sales, partnering and outreach efforts is an art. Making sure that content gets maximum exposure is a science. You’ll find the intersection of art and science at Dodge.

From identifying article opportunities, to writing unbiased articles, to creating white papers that strengthen thought leadership, Dodge has the continuum of public relations content covered. And at every step, through every word of content, building brand awareness and supporting sales remains at the forefront.


Content Merchandising

news and message management

Media coverage is a valuable commodity that adds a strong element of credibility to your sales toolkit. Articles, quotes and mentions show that your company is an innovative thought leader receiving well-deserved attention. Hoping that prospects and partners will stumble across content isn’t a viable strategy.

Dodge works closely with clients to achieve maximum value from placements, including tracking coverage, formatting content for presentation and increasing SEO from third-party links.

Get tips on merchandising your media coverage from Dodge Account Director Erin Meadows.


Awards Bureau

healthcare awards bureau

Awards represent an instant way to establish credibility. Dodge identifies the best opportunities and develops applications to highlight successes in the strongest, most winnable way.

Find out how Dodge can create and implement an awards program to meet your needs.


Communications Strategy

Communications of Strategy

Creating a communications strategy that integrates public relations, marketing and digital services results in an approach that is exponentially stronger than its individual parts.

Dodge helps clients craft a cohesive strategy that delivers consistency while building strong brand positioning. Adding a measurement component not only helps demonstrate ROI, it also provides feedback so activities and messages can be continually refined to increase effectiveness.

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Marketing Content

Marketing Content

Potential customers within the healthcare marketplace are seeking specific solutions to their unique problems, so you need to deliver compelling reasons to trust your company and purchase your product or service.

Dodge creates information-rich marketing content that not only creates a positive brand experience, it also generates trust and builds thought leadership. Dodge ensures you reach buyers using the right content, through the right channel, at the right time.



Media & Analyst Relations

healthcare analyst relations

Sometimes it really is who you know – and trust. Healthcare analysts know that Dodge works with best-of-breed healthcare IT companies, so clients get the attention of these critical influencers.

Editors of key trade and online media also trust Dodge to bring them stories tailored to their audiences and criteria. Facilitating face-to-face meetings at trade shows and on media tours enables Dodge clients to establish an ongoing dialogue that leads to media coverage.

Learn why a solid media relations foundation is crucial from Dodge’s Executive Vice President Brian Parrish.


Social Media Strategy

B2C companies use social media to engage with customers and create thought leadership, but translating those strategies into a B2B environment and achieving meaningful engagement is much more complex.

Dodge creates social media strategies that help companies execute a disciplined, effective social media program. From strengthening media relationships to listening to customers, Dodge is there at every step, including measuring effectiveness and value.


Digital Content

healthcare online advertising

More than 85 percent of B2B customers search the internet before making a purchase, requiring you to provide interesting, relevant digital content.

Dodge is an expert in using digital content for effective lead generation. Case studies, white papers, product guides and other types of gated content can capture the visitor as a lead, ascertain their interests and needs, and create engagement.

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Corporate Messaging

healthcare corporate messaging

Developing solid messages upfront saves clients valuable time and money when executing marketing and PR tactics down the road.

At the outset of each engagement, Dodge develops a value proposition that differentiates clients from the competition as well as taglines, elevator pitches, boilerplates and supporting product messages that are clear and concise.

View the video on the importance of brand consistency.


Speakers Bureau

healthcare speakers bureau
Speaking is a great way to strengthen a corporate brand and generate new leads, and Dodge knows how to uncover these valuable opportunities and get you on the podium.

Learn how Dodge helps companies establish themselves as thought leaders.